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Soreal Muller Drink

A non- alcoholic Health wonder

A delicious refreshing drink, Hibiscus beverage with spices and packed with health wonders. Commonly used in various part of Africa Asia and Caribbean, it is known by the name of Folire in Cameroon; Bissap/WonJo in Senegal; Sobo Nigeria, sorrel in the Caribbean. The virtues of Hibiscus are diverse with good effect on the metabolism as it is packed with vitamin C , minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hibiscus can treat fever , Constipation and cold cure. It lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol level, it also calm hot flashes and acne in women and men.​​

SoReal mixed with ginger and spices will help you also combat stomach discomfort, colon cancer, respiratory problem, and strengthen body immune system. SoReal drink acts as a booster, a cooler or a body warmer. SoReal is best taken cold , but can also be taken warm, pure as a shot or diluted. SoReal suitable for children adults and elderlies.​​

Soreal Muller drink, “so Good for you”​ …. Don’t miss it!

A Flowery Idea Made Super ! The SoReal Muller Story

It all began when living in London, I faced health challenges and remembered a natural plant based Hibiscus drink, made traditionally in Africa to overcome tiredness. She decided to add different spices and offered it to children and friends. Friends and families suggested that she should sell it . I took the first opportunity that came to me, when I had to pitch for a viable and innovative idea in November 2018, after a business management course. Soreal Muller Drink was made! Created in a midst of a winter night, at the eve of the festive period, in a suburb area of Hackney Road, opposite the Columbia flower market. And in the middle of a winter night, the first delivery took place at the Grocery Shop, an organic shop on Kingsland Road in London. This drink is still making his way to shops across London and across the Globe. I am still excited any time I receive feedback or an order.​​